Our Clients’ Syndication Strategy

The basic process followed by UCA in delivering an industry-based accredited qualification:

• From engagement with the client, compile a brief of what the client needs. The content of the brief is then confirmed by the client.
• An initial Proposal is developed listing the potential methodology and outlining the costing structure to be used, i.e. fee per learner for delivery of training and assessments, fixed project costs and separate costs basis for the development of learning and assessment resources.
• Familiarisation site visit is conducted to understand specific operations and plant functions and the job roles of the potential learners.
• Contract is developed stating Scope of Works, methodology of delivery & assessment, roles & responsibilities of both parties, quality controls,       communications strategy, costings.
• Develop contextualised learning and assessment resources.
• Awarding of qualifications and issuing record of academic achievement.
• Post project evaluations and investment returns report.