Programme Delivery

Learning Delivery

UCA has extensive experience in delivering learning to remote sites and has the flexibility to use a variety of tools and techniques to suit an enterprise’s circumstances. In particular, learning delivery could include:

• Self-paced learning.
• Resource materials provided in hard copy and/or on a web-based eLearning platform that can be used for learning delivery and/or
for assessments
• Video and YouTube demonstrations.
• Narrated Power Point presentations.
• Individual tutoring via Skype.
• On site face-to-face delivery.
• Extensive use of the client’s existing forms, documents, policies, work instructions are incorporated into the learning materials to ensure that learners are gaining the skills and knowledge that will directly benefit their employer.

Competency Based Assessment

As with learning delivery, UCA has a wide range of assessment tools to meet the needs of its clients. Some of those assessment tools include:

• Photos or videos used to conduct direct observations (with the option to upload these on the web-based e-Learning platform).
• Inclusion of some project based activities.
• Possible participation of some of the client’s senior staff as Subject Matter Experts.
• Clustering units of competency together in order for learning delivery to better reflect real job tasks and for assessments to be more streamlined and efficient.
• The use of a rigorous Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process to ensure competency is demonstrated.