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Flagship Programme

Boiler Operation Industry-Accreditation Programme (BOIAP)

Industry accreditation is critical for modern engineering companies, particularly companies that operate in sectors with high performance requirements such as power generation and oil and gas processing. The industry-based accreditation by held by an individual demonstrates their commitment to quality, safety, and reliability.

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Our Clients’ Investment Value Proposition

• UCA believes that the training it delivers should not be seen as a cost but rather as an investment.
• In the following ways, enterprises using UCA should have a positive Investment Value Proposition:

• High levels of contextualisation for each enterprise, eliminates what is not relevant and focuses on what is really needed for increased productivity.
• Training can help identify future leaders saving on the expense of head hunting outside your organisation.
• Incorporating underpinning knowledge into training programs leads to improved abilities in problem solving and decisionmaking.
• Well trained employees are more likely to ask pertinent questions and to make profitable suggestions.
• Training can have a multiplier effect when newly qualified employees pass on their skills and knowledge to co-workers.
• The enterprise can increase its targets and tackle new challenges with the confidence that it now has the human resources required to do so.

Our Dedicated Team of Resource Professionals

Our Team

• Includes a quality pool of Subject Matter Experts from which to draw on a project by project basis.
• Is committed to being in the forefront of their fields through guided professional development programs.
• Is a well-established member of numerous industry and TVET networks

Our TeamMembers

• Are dedicated, open minded and innovative.
• Have good networking and interpersonal skills and are responsive and approachable.
• Are professional, experts in their areas and have industry experience.
• Have TVET Sector and tacit knowledge and comprehensive knowledge of Training Packages.
• Able to develop quality, contextualised Learning and Assessment resources.

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